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Jerry Moss

Customer Service

Reliable & Compassionate Customer Service is Very Important.

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Providing Local Support "Green Bay, WI" for Trending CMS and E-Commerce Solutions.

20+ Years of Experience

Going Strong Since 1995 with Server Builds, Web Hosting, Development, and SEO.

Community Giving

W's 911 Toy Drive

Over 6,000,000 Gifts to Children!

Over 6,000,000 Gifts to Children!

Over 6,000,000 Gifts to Children!

Over 6 Million Toys to Over a Million Children!

The 911 Toy Drive Program serves Law Enforcement, Fire, Public Safety Officials, and Corrections Officers. This program is one of eight ongoing assistance endeavors we do to support our community, city, and state. There is no sign-up for the public; our recipients are selected by Public Safety personnel based upon any direct contact or law enforcement encounter where needs are discovered.

More About the Program



Jerry is our go to guy for the ZECO website, he has designed the ZECO website from ground zero when all other "I can do that" developers have failed. (and I went through many). I will go on the limb here and say that it would be the most cost effective way for you to get a professional website up in a short time, as Jerry has worked countless hours on our site over the past years.

Tammy Nitta
Distributor Sales & Support


Jerry and IT Works have been a faithful, dedicated partner for many years. They've supported our client's digital, technical needs, including server hosting and website development work/troubleshooting. They really know their stuff, have excellent response times, and really care. You won't find a more thoughtful ally that will go the extra mile to ensure things are done right and on-time!

Miles Anthony Smith
Digital Marketing Director


I am a new business owner and Jerry helped me get set-up with an email and a website. I am not at all a tech person; but Jerry made it easy for me. I am so thankful for all of his hard work and quick turn around! He did an excellent job!

Carrie Baumann
Business Owner

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